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Digital marketing is personal and immediate. It’s about relevantly connecting with your market in a way that initiates a response – right now. Dissident defines and deploys goal-oriented digital media strategies that motivate action. Expand your markets. Tell your story. Reach your customers. Impact your bottom line. Measure your success. Improve your results. Win your market. Go beyond the social and into the business of digital media.


Tekoia is an IoT company which provides remote access to digital media appliances from one’s cellphone.

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Sentrix provides cloud-based Website security solutions protecting against threats of all types.

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Backed Inc.

Backed Inc. is a peer to peer lending company allowing young borrowers affordable loans while building their credit.

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Ongage is an email platform which helps marketers to create effective email marketing campaigns.

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Optitex is a 3D visualization tool for fashion industry enhancing the collaboration between design and production.

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Our Services

Data Science
By creating data systems that help businesses understand and predict patterns of consumer behavior, we enable organizations to reach users more effectively with optimized experiences and targeted content across the digital ecosystem.
Engineers, strategists and quality assurance professionals turn ideas and designs into functional, reliable products and services. Our cross-disciplinary teams are highly collaborative, pushing the boundaries of what brands can enable for their users.
Businesses need to fulfill brand promises by delighting users with simple and functional campaigns, products and services. Our deeply collaborative creative team designs beautiful digital experiences that bring value to the lives of users.
Everything we do is based on a deep understanding of the user, so we start by finding out what users want and need. We combine new tools with traditional research expertise to guide our strategy, design and technology decisions.

Our Clients

With over $2B under management Greylock backs entrepreneurs who are building disruptive, market-transforming consumer and enterprise software companies.
LightCyber Active Breach Detection automates the attack detection and validation processes that are typically performed by armies of security analysts.
Yotpo is a customer content marketing platform that generates reviews, social Q&A & rich media and uses this content to drive traffic & increase conversions.
My6sense introduces the world’s first white label native advertising platform. As a ready-to-implement cloud-based solution, my6sense offers the ability to seamlessly build your own native ad network for both mobile and web.


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Tekoia The problem
Tekoia is an IoT company which provides remote access to digital media appliances from one's cellphone.
The solution

We translated Tekoia’s website to Chinese, as well as installed all the necessary plugins to their WordPress website. The code was inherited from the previous developer, so the task was especially challenging.
After the expansion we took over the general day to day technological maintenance of the website. We’ve started developing additional functionality, installing and setting up WordPress plugins and taking care of the blog on both English and Chinese.

Sentrix The problem

Sentrix came to us with a need to develop their new website after it was redesigned.

The solution

We provided Sentrix with HTML/CSS services and implemented their new design on WordPress. As a part of the project, we’ve developed a mechanism to manage and create unique landing pages for various campaigns the company was launching. We’ve also helped the company with it’s search engine optimization, speed optimization, and other day to day maintenance requests.

Backed Inc. The problem
Backed came to us with an amazing design which many developers couldn't properly implement.
The solution

Our high-end tech team easily and professionally converted PSD to HTML/CSS and made the website live. We’ve completed the task ahead of schedule, even though it involved parallax scrolling, animations, and other parts of this task which sometimes caused us to stop and thoroughly plan our further steps. Our attention to detail and high quality code made Backed’s design idea come true. Hopefully, this will help their business idea to come true faster.

Ongage The problem
Ongage came to us with their new design asking to implement it on a CMS.
The solution

First, we recommended WordPress not only because most of our clients choose this platform but also because it’s reliable and easy to learn. The fact that it is popular makes it even more effective with all the plugins and upgrades that the community offers.
After choosing the content management system, we’ve turned the provided design to HTML and CSS following our strict quality guidelines. After completing the slicing and the implementation, the cooperation turned into a daily maintenance which helped the company with its initial first steps during few months after launching the website.

Optitex The problem
Optitex' segmentation wasn't clear, they planned to develop a new website but due to presence in several markets weren't able to properly set the focus.
The solution

We were called at first to facilitate the technological process. However, after several meetings between client’s design company and our tech team the client realized there are UX gaps which have to be filled.
Our UX advices and common work with client’s designers created a twist which is helping Optitex continue attracting clients like the one appears here on the video.